Our Family

We are proud owners, co-owners, and/or breeders of the following Irish Terriers. No matter where they are, they will always be part of our family.

CH Sugarbush's Sugar Moon "Ginger"- F

Breezy's Ticket to Ride for Stirling "Breezy"- F

Stirling's Clever Lady Catherine "Lady"- F

Stirling's Fearless Col. Fitzwilliam "Fitzy" - M

Stirling's Watchful Mr. Wickham "Duncan" - M

CH Stirling's Enchanting Miss Elizabeth "Lizzy" - F

Stirling's Dazzling Mr. Darcy "King" - M

Stirling's Champagne Diamond "Ciara" - F

GCH Stirling's Maj. Tom Collins "Collin" - M

Stirling's Brick Red Ryder "Red" - M

Stirling's Celebrating Sabre with Guinness "Guinness" - M

Stirling's Red Irish Whiskey "Mickey" - M

Stirling's Irish Lullaby "Luna" - F

Stirling's Poppy Flower of Kilkenny "Poppy" - F

Stirling's Tipperary Girl "Red" - F

Stirling's Smitty McGee "Smitty" - M

Stirling's Miracle of Malachy "Malachy" - M

Stirling's Little Nellie Cahiriciveen "Nellie" - F

Stirling's Eoghan Roe "Owen" - M

Stirling's Mollie O'Connor "Mollie" - F

Stirling's Breena Ballina "Breena" - F

Stirling's Sunny Little Lass "Sunny" - F

Stirling's Rockin' Ronan "Ronan" - M

Stirling's Emma of Erin's Isle "Emma" - F

Stirling's Sir Henry Strachan "Henry" - M

Stirling's Naughty Miss Nessa "Nessa" - F

Stirling's Fearghal of Rebel County "Fearghal" - M

Stirling's Radiant Miss Ruby "Ruby" - F

Stirling's Jack of Diamond's "Jaxxon" - M

Stirling's Callan Of Kilvendoney "Callan" - F

Stirling's Maui Big Kahuna "Maui" - M

Stirling's Marvelous Miss Midge "Midge" - F

Stirling's Burning Ember "Ember" - F

Stirling's Crimson Clover "Clover" - F

Stirling's Lucky Irish Penny "Penny" - F

Stirling's Diamond Wrigley "Wrigley" - M

Stirling's Dashing Darby "Darby" - M

Stirling's Bard Warrior Oisin "Oisin" - M

Stirling's Aidan McGuinness "Aidan" - M

Stirling's Vanity Fair "Becky" - F

Stirling's Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Fitz" - M