Stirling's Clever Lady Catherine


Clever Lady Catherine
"Lady" - RN27861204
Born: 04/2015
GCH CH Granuaile's Crimson Treasure
"Leo" - RN20151305
Born: 02/2010
CH Diamond's Irish Jackpot "Sabre"- RM23794002
Born: 04/1998
CH Cocksure Casey the Delaware Diamond "Casey" - RM11935601
Born: 03/1994
Jackpot's Ida Clare - RM04191703
Born: 02/1992
CH Diamond's Tara Tru "Tara" - RN11733505
Born: 07/2006
CH Diamond's Highlander "Conner" - RM36392902
Born: 05/2002
CH Diamond's Hit the Jackpot "Annie" - RM27933802
Born: 06/1999
CH Sugarbush's Sugar Moon
"Ginger" - RN23991002
Born: 05/2012
GCH CH Breezy's X-Tra Top Priority "Murphy" - RN10661105
Born: 03/2006
CH Merrymac X-Tra Special Edition - RN08938901
Born: 05/2000
CH Sugarbush's Kalaney Rose - RN05503802
Born: 03/2004
GCH CH Sugarbush's American Girl "Kit" - RN17305405
Born: 09/2008
CH Sugarbush's Playing for Keeps - RN14289601
Born: 02/2007
CH Sugarbush's Little Red Fox - RN09092504
Born: 08/2005



Stirling's Clever Lady Catherine "Lady"- F
Stirling's Fearless Col. Fitzwilliam "Fitzy" - M
Stirling's Watchful Mr. Wickham "Duncan" - M
Stirling's Enchanting Miss Elizabeth "Lizzy" - F
Stirling's Dazzling Mr. Darcy "King" - M