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Stirling Irish Terriers are owned by Stuart Cartwright and Patrick Beyrow in St. Baudel, France. We are members of the Irish Terrier Club of America, the Irish Terrier Club of Chicago, and the Great Lakes All Terrier Association.

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The Irish Terrier

Officially recognized by the AKC in 1885, the origin of the Irish Terrier has been much debated, but there is indisputable evidence that they are one of the oldest of the terrier breeds. They are good tempered, most affectionate, and absolutely loyal to mankind. Irish Terriers were first bred to hunt vermin and to guard their families and their properties, which they proved themselves to be extremely good at. Thanks to their courage and determination, Irish Terriers were used as messengers and sentinels during both World Wars, taking vital messages to troops on the front, proving that they were extremely courageous and loyal. Their life is one continuous offering of faithful companionship. The Irish Terrier is ever on guard, and will stand between his house and all that threatens.


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Irish Terrier Collection
Irish Terrier Collection
by Stuart Cartwright